Meet the Teams

Everything involved from the planning of to the day-of a hackathon is something that no one can accomplish alone. We will be looking for students interested in building the school's first-ever hackathon event and who can keep the spark alive in helping build each subsequent one.

We want to invite students from all majors to take part in putting this event, we need students to manage technology, financing, logistics, sponsorships and marketing, and much more.

The Teams


This team is responsible for securing sponsorships, making sure the vendors get paid according to the agreed timelines and managing the cash flow and budget.


This team is in charge of promoting the event, deciding the marketing strategy, handling social media etc.


This team is responsible for the hacker experience at the hackathon. Every aspect of what the hackathon looks and feels like, this team is entirely responsible for that. Keep in mind, hacker experience is usually the thing that can make or break your hackathon. We might like to call this the think tank of your hackathon team.


This team is responsible for all logistics of the hackathon like booking the venue, developing and making the schedule, ordering swag, prizes, food and other essentials for the event etc.


This team is in charge of the development lifecycle of our main website and the websites created for individual events. Members of this team can also serve as mentors with the opportunity to host workshops at the event and throughout the year.